Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tiger vs. Lion

My school was having a mini book fair. I was interested with the story about fighthing between wild animals. I wanted the lion and tiger book but papa and mama said no. It's too violence.

Luckily my classmate bought it and lend it to me. I came back telling them how interesting the book was. At the end, they allowed me to buy.

After reading, I drew these !

7 years 5 months

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

2 more days, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year. Here's presenting you my masterpiece. Xin Nian Kuai Le !!

May this Horse Year brings you good health and wealth ! Huat Ah !

7 yrs 4 months

Monday, January 13, 2014

My first win from Stabilo Malaysia

Butterfly net

Red dinosaur. Red, my favourite colour
18 boxes of colour pencils + 2 Kidzania tickets

A surprised gift ! My winning masterpiece on canvas courtesy of Stabilo Malaysia

In early December 2013, mummy told me about a creative drawing contest organized by Stabilo Malaysia via Facebook. I quickly agreed to participate because my favourite colour is RED and the theme for that period of time was RED !

I drew a RED dinosaur and diligently coloured them. Normally, I was lazy to colour but since mummy kept reminding me the prize consisted of 18 boxes of colour pencils and 2 Kidzania tickets, I worked hard on it.

After submitted my RED dinosaur, I prepared another masterpiece, butterfly net. I wanted to submit more so I have higher chance to win but before I could draw more, I was down with chicken pox and my fingers hurt so much that I couldn't hold any pencils.

A few weeks later, Stabilo Malaysia announced the winners for the RED theme. I was overjoyed when mummy showed me that my masterpiece was being selected ! My chicken pox was not fully recovered yet but the results cheered me up a lot.

Thank you Stabilo Malaysia !

7 years 3 months

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dragon Restaurant

I'm currently into Dragon so much that I wish to open a Dragon Restaurant. I created this menu and asked mama what she wanted to eat. I told her dragon meat are juicy and delicious !

Sunday, November 17, 2013


As of 11.11.2013, I created my first comics. Since I'm recently attracted to dragons, my first comics titled 'My pet, Dragon.'

1. Ah boy found a huge egg. When the egg hatched, he was shocked to see a baby dragon.

2. Ah boy kept it as a pet and feed it chocolate because Ah boy's favourite food is chocolate. However, baby dragon wants to eat carrots.

3. Soon, baby dragon turns adult and did not mess up Ah boy's house. Ah boy was very happy !

Funny story. Ha ha

7 years 2 months

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Copying Minions from the Minion's game
Minion dad & Minion Alarm. I prefer 1 eye Minions so I altered a little bit in my drawings
I was addicted to the Minions Game @ ipad. I never try to draw Minions before because I don't know how to draw. I tried to copy from the ipad game and managed to draw 2 of my favourite Minions which are the DAD and ALARM.

Mama asked me to draw more, but I refused because I can't wait to play the Minions game ! School holidays are here and I can glued my eyes to the ipad ! YAY !

6 years 11 months 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Roar !

A gift by Uncle Yang

Monster lion
From my Facebook page , Uncle Yang got to know that I loves drawing. He was so thoughtful and bought a sketch book for me to draw. Once I received it, I was so happy and quickly draw my first picture on the book.

6 years 10 month